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Aset3group is an association of independent freelancers, who share a passion and desire for creating intellectual development. The freelancers are specialized in various fields of IT, such as programming, designing and arts.
We work for large and small companies, some of us are with high education and some self-taught. We are the group of individuals from all over the world, who work together under the name of Aset3Group.
We offer You option for IT outsourcing cooperation. We love new challenges and offer comprehensive IT services such as websites, graphics, software, internet advertising strategy for building a company’s image. Our experience and knowledge will help you stay competitive.

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Analyizng of customer’s needs and expectations is the first and one of the most important steps of working on a product. It is like an action plan which is essential in order to progress with the project. At this stage, we focus on the study of  the best possible form and functionality of the project. At this stage, it is necessary to answer some basic questions such as:

  • What kind of project is this?
    (Is it a website or program, apps, graphics, databases, etc.)
  • What technology should we use?
  • What is the main message of the website, and what are the best methods to deliver it?
  • Who is the customer of our client and what is he interested in?

This informations allow us to create the effective tool for our customer.

The next step of implementation is building the structure of the project: a website.

  • The construction of the site map, collecting materials, specifying what should be on it.
  • Preparing the environment suitable to install the CMS system. Determining specific programming languages needed for the project.
  • Preparation work scheme, layout pages.
  • Scheduling planned actions, phrase objectives and the date of the final completion.
  • Assess the resources required for the project, financial and personal.
  • Anticipating possible challenges during the implementation of the project and determine the solutions.

The final stage of project implementation mainly include:

  • Ensuring the project is in accordance with the previously prepared plan of actions.
  • The behavior of the highest standards of implementation in the field of graphic design and coding.
  • The desire for optimal results, the highest product quality and the shortest lead time.
  • Product testing during the implementation as well as the final result, eg. website, testing the display on different devices.
  • Improving unlikely inconsistencies or errors.
  • Assessing the product and verifying the compatibility with the objectives.
  • Presenting the final result to the client, customer support and training in handling the product.

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Ase3Group is a group of freelancers, open for everyone, you can be a member too. If you are a designer, programmer, if you have got a passion like we have, you want to grow intellectually, you believe in hard work, this place is for you. Write to us, find out more about the group, how we work, maybe that we looking for you. Use the form below.